The shaping of a better and desireable future starts with the formulation of utopian ideas and counter-drafts of the current established order. These drafts can appear in the formation of open networks and flexible systems which should on trial be located in the present. How we can live as a society can therefore be shown on a small scale. Through these small scale experiments anarchist visions and future scenarios based on mutual aid, solidarity and a free society as a whole can be tested and draft cocrete perspectives of a sustainable modern age. While disrupting the familiar they reveal cracks in the existing order and trigger social change. By including the minorities and socially excluded, the predominant hierachies and orders can be destabilized. This is the only option to avoid the danger of reproducing the status quo and consolitating the existing system of power and oppression. To avoid succumbing into a subjugating tendencies while structuring a free and equal cohabiting we always have to evaluate our principles as a collective.

Design maniflexo, Julia Liese (2020) translated by Jannik Schießwohl